13 January 2012

Scones 烤饼


500g   自发面粉
110g   植物油或牛油
300ml 鲜奶
50g     糖

* 把全部材料混均揉成软面团
* 把软面团压成 2cm 厚,用圆形模压出小面团
* 把小面团放在烘盘上,表面搽上鲜奶
* 放入已烘热的烤箱用200度烘15分钟

500g self raising flour
110g margarine or butter
300ml milk
50g caster sugar
pinch of salt

* mix all the ingredients until it form into a soft dough
* press soft dough into 2cm thick, stamp out with a circular mould
* place on the baking tray and  brush the top with milk
* preheat oven to 200 degrees,  bake for 15 minutes                    

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