mango pudding 芒果布丁

chocolate chips tiramisu

15g       吉利丁
500ml   鲜奶
100g     糖
600g     芒果


  1. 吉利丁用少许鲜奶泡软备用
  2. 鲜奶 + 糖小火加热
  3. 熄火加入 1 & 2 搅拌均匀
  4. 芒果打成泥加入 3 拌均
  5. 将 (4) 倒入模具冷藏至凝固

食谱来源:烘培乐缘 Candle Chin

15g       Gelatine
500ml   Fresh milk
100g     Sugar
600g     Mango 

  1. Mix gelatine with some fresh milk.
  2. Heat fresh milk and sugar with small fire.
  3. Turn off fire mix 1 & 2 well.
  4. Mash the mango and mix with 3. 
  5. Pour the mixture (4)  into a container, then put it in the refrigerator until harden.

Recipe from: Baking Wonderland Candle Chin

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