01 December 2012

no-knead chocolate chip bread 免揉巧克力米面包

chocolate chip breas


材料:5克酵母,150毫升水,3 汤匙糖,3 汤匙普通面粉,
         一汤匙油,一粒蛋,半茶匙盐,250克高筋面粉 (筛过)。

Ingredients: 5g yeast, 150ml water, 3 tablespoon sugar, 3 tablespoon plain flour.
                   1 tablespoon oil, 1 egg, 1/2 teaspoon salt,  250g high protein flour (sift).
                   150g chocolate chip.


1.) 酵母,糖,水和 3 汤匙普通面粉拌均。
     Mix yeast, sugar, water and plain flour.

2.) 盖上锡纸在发酵20分钟。
     Cover with foil for 20 minutes.

3.) 20分钟后打开锡纸,加入盐,油,蛋拌均。

  •      After 20 minutes, open up the foil.
  •      Add in salt, oil and egg, and mix well.

4.) 加入粉拌均。
     Add in flour and mix well.

5.) 拌均面糊盖上湿布在温室待发酵2-4个小时至双倍发。
     Cover the batter with foil and leave in a warm place,
     and wait for 2-4 hours until the dough rises about double size.

6.) 也可盖上包鲜膜再用叉在包鲜膜上插些小洞放入冰箱慢性发酵14-16小时。
     Or cover with plastic wrap, prick some hole on the plastic wrap,
     and keep in the fridge for 14-16 hours to let it slowly rises to double size. 

7.) 发酵好的面糊。
     Fermented batter.

8.) 手沾面粉把面团排气,放到洒了面粉的工作台上揉成团。
     Transfer the batter onto the table, and knead it to become a dough. 

9.) 加入巧克力米拌均。
     Knead in chocolate chips.

10.) 做成50克小团放入纸杯,放入烘盘待发1个小时。以170度C烘15-20分钟。

  •       Shape into small round dough of about 50g, and put into paper cup, 
  •        Leave it to rise to double size (take 1 hours).

11.) 烘好的面包在表面搽上一层牛油。
       Brush some melted butter on top of the bread.


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