Sweet Buns 花朵甜面包

Sweet Buns


材料A : 240克高筋面粉,60克普通面粉,45克白糖,4克盐,10克奶粉,2茶匙干酵母
材料B : 1 粒鸡蛋,165 - 175毫升水
材料C : 30克菜油或奶油 ,

Ingredients A : 240g high protein flour (bread flour)
                      60g plain flour, 45g sugar, 4g salt, 10g milk powder, 2 tea spoon dry yeast.
Ingredients B :  1 egg, 165 - 175ml water
Ingredients C :  30g margerine / butter
                        1 tea spoon olive oil
                        some grated almond
                        some egg glaze

1.) 把材料A混合,再加入材料B揉成粗团。
     Mix well A, then add B and knead into rough dough.
2.) 加入材料C搅拌,这时面团会油油湿湿,继续揉下去就会慢慢变成光滑和有弹性。
     Add in C and continue knead until the dough become smooth and elastic.

3.) 揉到面团勉强可以拉成薄膜即可。
     Knead until the dough can barely be pulled into a thin layer.

4.) 揉好的面团,抹上一层橄榄油再盖上湿布待发一个小时。
     Add a layer of olive oil, and then cover with a damp cloth, let it raise to double size
     (take about 1 hours).

5.) 发好的面团。
     Above already raised to double size.

  •  图上是做好的花朵形状面包,在中间洒上杏仁碎, 放入搽了一层油的烘盘待发一个小时,
  •  在表面搽上蛋液.
  •  再放入预热的烘炉以180度C烘18- 20分钟。

  • Make it into flower sharp.
  • Sprinkle some grated almond on the centre.
  • Put it into the tray and let it raise to double size(take about 1 hours).
  • Brush with egg glaze.
  • Bake at 180 degree C for about 18-20 minutes.
7.) 烘好的花朵面包。
     Enjoy  it ~


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